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· You gotta do your prerolls

My pal Zach has this ritual when we play D&D - before we start, he rolls the D20. Over and over and over again.

· The games of 2023

As many have written, 2023 was a great year for the games themselves and a pretty dire year for the industry and the people working in it. Let’s hope things improve in 2024.

· Bluesky backfeed support in Bridgy

My “weekend project” of implementing Bluesky support into Bridgy is finally, several months later, complete! Ish.

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It is with deep regret I announce that I am back in the UK, a country I already had a strong dislike of which has blossomed into deep hatred from simply being elsewhere for twenty days


Our last day yesterday so we went to Asakusa, had wonderful food including some incredible wagyu, and did a bit of shopping.

Japan has been a revelation I’ll want to write about separately but suffice to say I’m deeply sad to be leaving this place.

The temple and pagoda at Asakusa A bowl of ramen we had in Ginza Lucy crouching under a state of a One Piece character putting a straw hat on her head A piece of wagyu beef on a rice base, rather like sushi


Yesterday we went to Kamakura to see the Great Buddha, also saw a Great Butterfly, and went to the beach.

Lucy walking along the road on a lovely sunny day An enormous butterfly on a leaf. It was bigger than my hand. The great Buddha, with trees and a blue sky in the background The beach at Kamakura


Spent Wednesday evening in Kabukicho - def worth a visit, especially if you’ve played the Like A Dragon games as it’s the inspiration for Kamurocho. Had drinks in the Golden Gai, met some lovely people, had far too much shochu.

The neon lit gate that forms the entrance to Kabukicho A view of the street with lots of illuminated signs Many tiny pubs in the Golden Gai Us in the Golden Gai bar with the people we met there


There’s a Pokémon Center in the mall below it too which made me very happy

The front of the Pokémon Center A big statue of Pikachu riding a Rayquaza Lots of plushies


Had a very busy day on Wednesday. Went up the Tokyo Sky Tree which is just incredible views. You can book it online in advance. Tokyo: real big.

The sky tree tower seen from the ground A view of Tokyo out the window of the sky tree. You can see a long way Another view of Tokyo from the sky tree Another view, out towards the sea


Some wandering around Tokyo yesterday - Nishiki fish market, Ginza and the crossing at Shibuya!

An image of Nishiki fish market, with lots of people. Lucy is in the foreground A street in Ginza with lots of signs. Lucy is, again, in the foreground. A sushi bowl The crossing at Shibuya with loads and loads of people


Had started taking for granted how quiet everyone is in Japan until I went in a cafe with a load of Americans


Last afternoon in Kyoto so we did the Philosopher’s Walk, then got the train up to Tokyo. Saw Mt Fuji out the window! Tokyo is really something else

The Philosophers Walk in Kyoto. A green path by a river, with cherry blossoms A view of Kyoto station’s high ceiling Mt Fuji in the distance seen from a train window. The sign for Tokyo at the train station. It says Tokyo in kanji, hiragana and Latin script


Did the usual touristy bits in Kyoto yesterday - Nishiki Market, Kiomizu-dera, Fushimi Inari.

A view along Nishiki market with lots of people Kiomizu-dera on the edge of the hill with a blue sky in the background Another view of Kiomizu-dera, from lower down among the trees The view along the ‘thousand torii gates’ at Fushimi Inari