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· You gotta do your prerolls

My pal Zach has this ritual when we play D&D - before we start, he rolls the D20. Over and over and over again.

· The games of 2023

As many have written, 2023 was a great year for the games themselves and a pretty dire year for the industry and the people working in it. Let’s hope things improve in 2024.

· Bluesky backfeed support in Bridgy

My “weekend project” of implementing Bluesky support into Bridgy is finally, several months later, complete! Ish.

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Might ship a game tomorrow


Day 2 of being off sick and can’t shake this guilty feeling that I ought to be Doing Something Productive with my day, despite the fact my brain is absolutely not capable of it right now


Rolled credits on Yakuza 0. What a wonderful, brilliant, stupid, incredible game

A screenshot from Yakuza 0 A screenshot from Yakuza 0


game pretty

A screenshot from Nightingale A screenshot from Nightingale


The last game I touched professionally - excited to finally play it

A screenshot of the Steam UI downloading Nightingale

Just submitted the final build of Feud 2.0 for review to the stores. It’s real, it’s happening, we’re doing it


cool guys don’t look at explosions (except us)

A screenshot from Helldivers 2

Instagram ad targeting is not the one

An Instagram ad for a “baby head shaper”

A bit buggy but I now have Lua scripting inside Growl’s debug UI!

A screenshot of Growl's debug UI. There's some Lua code in a text editor, and some nice cats.

Two years with this wonderful human 🥰

A photo of my partner who is the best human in all the land