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· All my Japan tips
I have been to Japan exactly once, so you should definitely listen to me.
· You gotta do your prerolls

My pal Zach has this ritual when we play D&D - before we start, he rolls the D20. Over and over and over again.

· The games of 2023

As many have written, 2023 was a great year for the games themselves and a pretty dire year for the industry and the people working in it. Let’s hope things improve in 2024.

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Doing my best Jim Holden face

Is me in a boiler suit with it tied round my waist holding a coffee and sort of squinting like what Jim does.

Cuttin about in a boiler suit tied at the waist holding a coffee, fully living out my James Holden fantasy


Having a weird thing in Windows 11 where it won’t play audio from both communications device and audio device simultaneously - I have a headset with a chat mixer and this approach worked perfectly in Win 10. Anyone seen this happen?!


Quite glad I’m not on Twitter these days so I don’t have to see the folks who refused to vote for Corbyn inform me it’s my moral duty to vote for Labour in the next election.


Wrapped up Final Shape and, goddamn, they really stuck the landing.


Arrived in Bristol a little early to meet our friends (by three weeks…) but decided to have a lovely day anyway.

Lucy in pub with pint. Lucy looking down to the Avon from the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge. The suspension bridge.

Destiny is so back (shots from opening mission only!)

A screenshot from Destiny 2. A screenshot from Destiny 2. A screenshot from Destiny 2. A screenshot from Destiny 2.

Things change every time I go home so it’s somewhat reassuring that Belfast International remains the world’s worst airport.


First geocache in years!

A geocache box. There’s a label on it explaining what it is. The log book from the geocache, with blue sky and sea in the background.

Went to my cousin’s wedding yesterday - a gorgeous day.

My cousin dancing with her dad. Me and Lucy being cute in a big circle.