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Notes are for small posts, links, anything I don't feel merits a full post.

Someone created this evil-joel emoji on our work Slack and honestly it is quite useful for when I need to be vaguely menacing

:evil-joel: Slack emoji of me looking grumpy

I’ll be wandering around WASD this week if any pals want to hang out! I’ll be at the Thursday night thing and at the expo on Friday and prob Saturday. Please be aware I have been doing gamedev again so will probably trauma-dump.

I was on Twitter in 2019, I can promise you I have thought about feral hogs.

Alright, I caved. I have a Steam Deck. I also have £45 of store credit to get nice games for it; recommendations please!

Discord, or the Death of Lore

Been attempting to integrate a native C library into a Java project and it’s proving to be a total nightmare, even with jnigen. Once again cursing myself for choosing to write a game in Java.

We went for a walk/forage on the Ridgeway today which was very muddy but gorgeous. We found:

  • Jelly ears!
  • Oysters!
  • Gorse!
  • Nettles!
  • Wild garlic!
  • Turkey tails!
  • Ground ivy!

Lucy on the ridgeway Turkey Tails Red cypress trees Oyster mushrooms

I will admit it irks me slightly that my application for a Switch developer license was declined when the eShop is full of shit like this.

Some interesting insights here - where have all the engineers who have been laid off gone to?

So after posting my Manifesto I tried some pizza from Veggie Crust on the Old Kent Road and while it was no Mario it was some pretty good Good Shit Pizza.