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Notes are for small posts, links, anything I don't feel merits a full post.

Today I saw something I’d never seen before - the contrails from a plane casting a shadow.

A blue sky over the sea with a jet contrail and a shadow extending from it towards the horizon.

Off on an excursion today

A 3DS running Phoenix Wright, with the view out a train window behind it.

Good lord KVM switches are a complicated thing to try and buy

Down in Brighton for Develop and what a joy it is to be around wonderful game devs again.

Green, Joe and Jay. Me and Husban looking delighted. Sophie and Joe looking at a massive boat of sushi. A table full of lovely people.

Brittany Howard and Hozier at Finsbury Park

Brittany Howard Lucy in her yellow Lidl wellies. Hozier Hozier

Much to unpack here

Lucy with loads of boxes

Finding it hard to get super excited by the election results - the Tories have really just changed the colour of their ties - but seeing Corbyn hold his seat and Ashworth lose his to a pro-Palestine independent gave me no small amount of joy.

I don’t particularly rate Duolingo these days as a method for learning but still quite proud of this

A screenshot of Duolingo showing a 1,000 day streak

[whispering to my date while watching Chappell Roan when Chappell Roan first appears on the stage] that’s Chappell

She’s just admiring the views.

A black cat looking out the window of the train.