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Our girl utterly transfixed by Cat TV today

A black cat watching a squirrel on a TV, right before whacking it with her paw. She's got her paws up on the TV table, staring at the screen in awe.

🦦 test note pls ignore 🦦

it me as a sunrise or a matt lees

Just played a tiny prototype of what might well become the next Bearwaves game and I am very energised.

I’ve lost two entire days of work to Terraform lockfile nonsense

David Cameron to be Foreign Secretary - despite not being an MP. Nobody voted for him. They’ll have to make him a Lord. The government can literally just put whoever they want in the cabinet with no real consequences. I know “the Lords is anti-democratic” is hardly a hot take but Fucking Hell

Good morning!

it me as a sunrise or a matt lees

I think Embracer should rename as they have fully moved into their Extinguisher phase

Oh hey the fire worked


When I worked in the games industry I remember being told the average tenure was six years and thinking that was crazy low. I lasted…five and a half years.

Some chonky carrots yesterday

A handful of chonky carrots. They are muddy cos I just pulled them up.