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· Deal to Dover

I have lived in England for over a decade but have yet to visit the famous cliffs. It’s Thursday, it’s sunny, I’ve nothing to do until my new job begins next week, so I get up early and hop on a train to the south coast.

· New job smell

I had my last day at Emitwise yesterday, and now I’m in the odd liminal space that happens before I start my new job next week.

· All my Japan tips
I have been to Japan exactly once, so you should definitely listen to me.
· You gotta do your prerolls

My pal Zach has this ritual when we play D&D - before we start, he rolls the D20. Over and over and over again.

· The games of 2023

As many have written, 2023 was a great year for the games themselves and a pretty dire year for the industry and the people working in it. Let’s hope things improve in 2024.

· Bluesky backfeed support in Bridgy

My “weekend project” of implementing Bluesky support into Bridgy is finally, several months later, complete! Ish.

· Using Vim for writing

I do most of my daily work in Vim, and by this point I find it quite hard to use anything else, but for writing that isn’t code (or, let’s be real, mostly YAML these days) it could be a lot better.

· Turns out immersive theatre isn’t video games

I went to see Punchdrunk’s The Burnt City the other night. In the bar on the way in, I confidently said to my partner, “immersive theatre is video games”.

It isn’t.

· On POSSE and IndieWeb

I’ve gone down into the depths these last couple of weeks with IndieWeb, POSSE and a whole bunch of other arcane terminology. Now that I’ve come up for air, let’s chat about it.

· The Good Shit Pizza Manifesto

I moved from East to South London in the summer of last year. South London has been amazing, especially for food, but there’s one thing missing.