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· one-fifty: Virginia (2016)

Virginia is one of the best films I’ve played this year.

· one-fifty: What Remains of Edith Finch (2017)

In my early teens, after experiencing my first death in the family, I developed an odd fascination with the preservation of spaces.

· one-fifty: a new writing project

I love games. I love playing games, I love reading about games, but I’ve realised that what I love most is talking about games, as anyone who’s spent time around me can attest.

· Joel's Top 5 (2016)

What a great year, eh? OK, so 2016’s been fairly appalling, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some great films, games, albums and a bunch of other stuff. Here are my top Things this year, from as many genres of Thing as I can be bothered.

· Review: 'Shame' by John Berkavitch

“Put your hands in the air. Now put them down if you’ve never done anything you regret.”

· Review: FEZ (PC)

Polytron’s XBLA hit (and personal favourite of Mojang’s Notch) has finally made in onto PC in the last couple of weeks. I downloaded the game yesterday and finished it this morning, after a small delay - I saw the sunrise creeping at my window and decided I’d better get some sleep. FEZ is absolutely fantastic.

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