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brid.gy I would obviously keep, because brid.gy is incredible


What I think I’d like is some sort of simple web server that sits next to Hugo and provides the Micropub/Webmention endpoints and serves the site. I think having the content live in Git rather than a DB is definitely something I’d want to keep.


So at this point I’ve got:

  • Hugo website hosted on GitHub Pages, deployed by GitHub Actions
  • Micropub and media endpoints running on AWS Lambda, with API Gateway stuff
  • Brid.gy to syndicate things and backfeed interactions
  • Webmention.io to collect webmentions

Does it work? Yes! Is it better than if I’d just written a fucking server? hahahaha no


This post is POSSE’d! https://www.joelotter.com/notes/2023/10/23-posse/

I wrote a whole blog about the process:



Pretty cool seeing POSSE getting traction on The Verge, of all places:


· On POSSE and IndieWeb

I’ve gone down into the depths these last couple of weeks with IndieWeb, POSSE and a whole bunch of other arcane terminology. Now that I’ve come up for air, let’s chat about it.


Getting Webmentions working has been a bit of a pain in the arse but I think I’m getting there, slowly.

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