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Rye’s summer with us came to an end last week and now she’s off to see her mum and dad in Australia! I’m going to miss this lil pudding so much. 🥹

Me and Rye having cuddles. Me and Rye having more cuddles. Lucy and Rye having cuddles.

I’m at day four of going cold turkey on Sertraline (ran out, pharmacy being slow) and lemme tell ya I am having nil craic with these withdrawal symptoms

In ’the naming of cats’, T.S. Eliot posits that every cat has a secret name known only to themselves. I have determined that my cat’s secret name is ‘piss goblin’

A glorious, if slightly muggy, day walking on the High Weald.

My partner in a forest Late evening sun over the fields

Someone created this evil-joel emoji on our work Slack and honestly it is quite useful for when I need to be vaguely menacing

:evil-joel: Slack emoji of me looking grumpy

I’ll be wandering around WASD this week if any pals want to hang out! I’ll be at the Thursday night thing and at the expo on Friday and prob Saturday. Please be aware I have been doing gamedev again so will probably trauma-dump.

We went for a walk/forage on the Ridgeway today which was very muddy but gorgeous. We found:

  • Jelly ears!
  • Oysters!
  • Gorse!
  • Nettles!
  • Wild garlic!
  • Turkey tails!
  • Ground ivy!

Lucy on the ridgeway Turkey Tails Red cypress trees Oyster mushrooms

So after posting my Manifesto I tried some pizza from Veggie Crust on the Old Kent Road and while it was no Mario it was some pretty good Good Shit Pizza.

· The Good Shit Pizza Manifesto

I moved from East to South London in the summer of last year. South London has been amazing, especially for food, but there’s one thing missing.

We went to a couple of cool exhibitions today - the ASMR one at the Design Museum and the one about Japanese silk braiding (Kumihimo) at Japan House.

Some screens showing a visual ASMR film My partner playing with some brushes and microphones Braided cord hanging from the ceiling A complex sculpture made of braided cord

· Update from the Fringe

My flatmate/co-host Jake bangs on my door shortly after I wake up.

“Coffee?” “Please mate.”

· Pokémon Go

This isn’t really going to be a game review. Taken purely as a game, and ignoring its wider impact, Pokémon Go is not very good. It crashed frequently before a recent update, there’s nothing to do outside populated areas, the drain on battery and mobile data is high, and it’s incredibly hard for new players coming in to the game a few weeks late to catch up.

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