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Steve Ballmer was the same age I am now in this video. Fucking hell

I worked at Improbable in 2019, when Unity tried to change their TOS to screw us over. They ended up backtracking and put their TOS on GitHub, saying they would not change TOS retroactively.

It appears to be gone.

Nothing says confidence in your product like giving users the option to hide the fact they bought your product.

Really enjoying all the ‘astronomers baffled’ content the last couple days

I kind of wish I cared about sports so I could read Defector all the time.

“The masses are not balking at paying for Twitter Blue because they’re trying to shelter themselves within a crumbling elitist internet order, but because they think Musk is offering an unworthy product and is also a dickhead.”

I was on Twitter in 2019, I can promise you I have thought about feral hogs.

Discord, or the Death of Lore

How Complex Systems Fail (extra credit for the URL)

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